Finovate Fall 2015

Gro Solutions launched their Carrier Data Option at Finovate Fall 2015 in New York City.


Dramatically Reduce Mobile Abandonment

Mobile applicants abandon more than 80% of the time!  With Gro Account Opening, our customers are seeing their abandonment rates dramatically fall below even those of the typical online rates.

Unique Multi-Layered Approach

Current workflows are too arduous to complete for the mobile user. Gro Account Opening uses a multi-layered approach to maximize what the device does well and minimize its deficiencies.


Typically, 39% of all digital applicants are using a mobile device to apply.

You can have the world’s greatest mobile banking technology waiting for them but unless your mobile account opening experience is innovative, they will never see it.


Open and Fund Accounts in Less Than 4 Minutes

Whether online, on the go or at the branch, your organization can open and fund new accounts in less than 4 minutes.


Why Gro

  • Present a mobile front door that meets and exceeds the mobile expectations of the new customer.
  • Maximize what the mobile device does well and minimize it’s shortcomings
  • Massively Configurable. Don’t surrender to vendor lock down.
  • Concise workflow. Remove all potential abandonment points.

“David Eads and the Gro Solutions team have helped our credit union owners understand the mobile space, visualize major trends, and build comprehensive, creative plans to capitalize on market developments. By focusing on sales enablement and member acquisition, our owners are able to apply their resources where they will yield the best returns.”

– Sarah D. Lietz, Director of Product Development, MEMBERS Development Team