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Carrier Data Integration (CDI)


Speed up and simplify the application process with one-click auto population of key fields.

ID scanning for data extraction is a very convenient and accepted method for reducing data entry. However, for the mobile user, imaging comes with it’s own friction, such as needing a steady hand and adequate lighting for the image to be usable. To help solve this problem for applicants on the go, Gro has developed Carrier Data Integration (CDI), the newest layer in our popular multi-layered approach to capturing information.

CDI leverages information from the billing record of a prospect’s wireless carrier to auto populate data fields. Here’s how it works:  The Gro Account Opening solution auto-detects the device’s carrier to connect the account with the device.  Once the connection is made, a disclosure is presented to the applicant to authorize the carrier as a data source. When approved, the applicable fields will auto-populate, saving valuable time.  This process is automated and happens in a matter of seconds.

The use of CDI technology not only reduces application abandonment, but enables financial institutions to use that extra time to engage with prospects rather than to collect data.  Gro’s multi-layered data gathering methods work simultaneously to capture as much data as possible.  Relying on multiple sources ensures financial institutions have all of the necessary, up-to-date information they need to process the application.

CDI user experience 2
The CDI user experience from a mobile phone.  Click to enlarge image.