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Gro is pleased to offer the ClickSWITCH™ companion to our very successful Gro Account Opening solution.


The contact and account information gathered during the account opening process will be transferred automatically to the switch process. Click to enlarge image.

This integrated solution is the first on the market to combine the Account Opening process with a fully automated switch capability. Now your new customers will not only open their new accounts in less than 4 minutes, they can switch from their old financial institution without the hassle of filling out multiple forms or wasting time contacting payees for automated payments.

The switching process is now closely integrated with the account opening process. All of the information gathered during account opening is transferred instantly to the switch workflow so data doesn’t need to be entered in a second time. The new customers can choose to continue into switching once the new accounts are created or the process can be picked up at a later date.


With Gro Account Opening and ClickSWITCH, customers can:

  • Create a new account instantly
  • Notify auto-debit payees of the new account information and update their billing information (utilities, insurance, club memberships, etc.)
  • Transfer direct deposits to their new account
  • Close prior external account(s)


ClickSWITCH is an innovative software solution offering the following key features:

Easy Set-up – Customers’ information is automatically populated into the ClickSWITCH portal. Account holders just click on which billers they would like to switch and ClickSWITCH takes care of the rest, sending completed account switch forms directly to billers and employers.

Switch Summary – The ClickSWITCH portal allows account holders to view a listing of all switches currently in progress as well as complete details regarding each switch.

Switch Status – Switch Status functionality enables customers to easily track the transition to their new account. Once the account information has been switched they will see a confirmation notification within the ClickSWITCH portal.

Balance Assist – The ClickSWITCH Balance Assist feature will help take the guesswork out of figuring how much money customers should keep in their old account until the switch is complete. With Balance Assist customers will be advised of approximately how much money they should leave within their existing account in the event that their automated payment gets pulled prior to the account switch.

Admin Portal – Allows you to manage and track all ClickSWITCH activity at your institution as well as view account switch reports and analytics. We will be glad to show you how this process can alleviate the high abandonment rate of today’s mobile first / mobile only demographic and why your FI will become their primary FI.