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Gro Account Opening

Gro Account Opening utilizes the best of the mobile world allowing financial institution to on-board the Digital native easier and in less time. Whether online, on the go, or at the branch, your organization can open and fund new accounts in less than 4 minutes.

Gro Account Opening brings many advantages to your prospect’s experience.

Give your prospects the best user experience possible and reduce the need for data entry.  Our multi-layered approach for gathering relevant data includes:

  • Data extraction by imaging of government-issued documents such as a driver’s license
  • Direct integration with carrier data feeds (CDI) for name, address and payment information
  • GPS for address input and marketing analytics
  • Imaging of credit/debit cards for funding
  • Email address parsing for first and last names
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Symitar, Experian, FIS ChexSystems and other back-end systems
  • Out-of-the-box integration with ClickSWITCH™ for automatic account switching
  • Can be fully integrated with your current shopping experience so your prospects won’t have to pick their products all over again
  • Support for native employee user experiences such as at the branch or community events, as well as a web experience for the consumer

With Gro’s accelerated project timeline, you can solve the leading cause of abandonment for the mobile first / mobile only customer in a matter of weeks.

The Gro Account Opening user experience can be combined with the Gro Portal to give you a complete account origination system. We also provide the ability to augment your existing systems such as MeridianLink or any system with an API if your goal is to just greatly improve the end user experience. Either way, you will dramatically reduce the typical abandonment rates associated with the mobile channel.

Now that more than 30% of all digital accounts are being opened on mobile, FI’s are beginning to realize that many of the solutions accommodate mobile merely by presenting a smaller form factor. The high abandonment rates encountered (over 80%) attest to the fact that this just isn’t enough. With more of the younger demographic expressing satisfaction with big banks due to their mobile experience than with smaller banks and credit unions, it’s time to put the best possible foot forward.